How It Works!

With regard to payments, I can accept either PayPal, or cash on collection for local buyers.

It will be a case of "first in best dressed", with the first to contact me to say "sold!" getting the first chance to purchase. Just email me (click on the parrot!) with the title/s of the item/s you're after!

Please be very specific with the title of the item you want - I often have several very similar items listed at once so where possible, please state the designer, size, colour/design and price.

I pray I haven't missed any measurements etc, and have also taken into account and mentioned any items that don't run true to size so please do trust my judgment there.

I am continually updating the site, with new stock being added regularly, so if you spot an item of interest that hasn't yet been properly listed then just let me know and I will finish it as a matter of priority.

After a short time of being listed here I will then slowly start working through the remaining unsold items and uploading them to eBay for fixed price or listing sale here

but when I do, the eBay prices will as a general rule be higher than those here on the site. So once it's gone from here, so is the discounted price.

With regard to postage within Australia, as always I will only ever charge the cheapest possible postage and you'd be amazed at what I can fit into one satchel or little box! If you want a number of items and are getting worried about the postage cost then just shoot me an email and I can work it out for you fairly quickly, but regular buyer will attest to the fact that I never profit on postage and it's rarely going to be *too* expensive, even all the way over to WA.

International buyers, please feel free to contact me for a shipping quote before finalising your purchase.

Enjoy, and thanks as always for your support!


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